Our Team


The TopZone Media team is comprised of professionals with every skill necessary for designing, building, maintaining and marketing your website. While most website builders focus primarily on graphic design, we believe that a team must be able to fully support every aspect of the site for truly healthy marketing performance. We don't just plug pictures and text into a website builder, we custom design every site for maximum optimization. We also research daily for ways to continuously improve your site and it's performance. And, we can measure that performance with real-world results. Take time to visit with any of our dedicated team members and you'll see the TopZone attitude for yourself.

Chris Hatfield

Thinks He's In Charge!

Elizabeth Wade

The REAL Top Dog!

Sandy Taylor

Tony Stark..pfft, amateur!

Melodie Hefley

Wordsmith Deluxe!
Aka, TopZone Grammar Cop!
TopZone Media Staff

Lauren Stanley

If it Looks Good,
She Did it!

Paul Srch

GEEK! ...I mean, Tech Guy!
His First Name Got All of the Vowels!
julie thompson

Julie Thompson

The Queen of Facebook!
...and instagram, twitter, linked-in...

Axl McCracken

Code Cracken!
If You Don't Understand it, He Does!